McDonalds – SCAMPER – IDEA Development

Learning Activity Question 2

McDonalds – SCAMPER Assignment

Use the Internet to research the history of the fast food chain McDonald’s and explain which parts of the SCAMPER model are evident in its development onto its current success.

McDonalds current success is based on a well-developed concept that have changed over the years. The concept started with Dick and Mac McDonald. They were running a successful restaurant, with a small menu, making the restaurant to be driven efficiently. Their focus was on quick service and quality.

When we look at the current success McDonalds have today, I would say there is a few points in the SCAMPER model I think stands out. First is the starting point of what McDonalds are today. There Roy Adapted the concept of the McDonalds brothers and bought the rights of using the McDonald name. Other examples from the SCAMPER model that is evident are the substitute, Combine, Magnify and Eliminate. See complete list under.

Substitute something:

  • McDonalds substituted a well-known restaurant concept (with waiters, ordering process, payment etc.), into efficient delivery with a small menu. They were then able to deliver quick “low-effort-making” food. Also known today as Fast-Food.

Combine it with something else:

  • Ray Kroc combined the restaurant concept with cars. Now known as Drive-Thru.
  • McDonalds made Happy Meal, targeting children and combining the burger with toys.

Adapt something to it:

  • Ray Kroc adapted the concept of mascots. Making Ronald McDonald the head of the McDonalds concept.

Modify or Magnify it:

  • McDonalds have Magnified their fast food concept with having separate menus for breakfast. Where they serve coffe, bagels and McMuffins and so on.

Eliminate something:

  • MC Donalds Eliminated the waiters, making customers order and pay at the counter.



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